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I offer a free 15-minute telephone consultation, where we will discuss your reasons for seeking support and your current health status. I will be interested in knowing your reasons for wanting to change, as well as your motivation to make the changes.


How can Nutritional Therapy support my needs?

As a registered Nutritional Therapist, I use a variety of tools and methods to assess the individual, and spend time analysing any nutritional imbalances that may be contributing to current health concerns, symptoms, or conditions.


My nutrition story...

I am by no means a food saint, in fact the reality is quite the opposite. Studying nutrition, has allowed me to see that a balance of good food can work wonders if you know how to make the right choices, and crucially know what food, and balance of foods, work for you.


Nutritional Bites – Blog

  • 01 May Obesity, weight loss and weight management: the code that shouldn’t kept secret

    In my previous job, I spent 15 years delivering lectures and conducting research in the field of preventative health and well-being. Much of this work was underpinned by the basic premise of energy expenditure attributed to weight loss and weight mai...

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  • Tua Nutrition Christmas

    14 Dec Healthy eating: staying on track at Christmas

    Christmas is a time notoriously synonymous with over indulgence, with both food and alcohol seemingly in constant supply. If you are a health conscious individual or, if you are trying to lose weight the festive period can be a time filled with mixed...

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  • Tua Nutrition

    14 Dec Tips on controlling sugar intake

    This blog covers guidance on balancing blood sugar, and leads on from my blog ‘Thinking about sugar’ (so if you haven’t read that already, please read that first as this will make more sense).   Balancing your blood sugar is imperative to ...

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