Welcome to Tua Nutrition


My philosophy


My nutrition philosophy is based on eating well and nourishing your body. A well-balanced, bespoke diet means that you should be able to eat a wide variety of good, healthy food. Nutrition and health are inextricably linked through feeding, nourishing and hydrating your body correctly.

I chose the name Tua Nutrition (‘Tua’ is Latin for ‘Your’), because it embodies the personalised approach to nutrition that I follow. Nutritional Therapy is not a broad brush, ‘one size fits all’ practice, and any changes I recommend will be tailored specifically to your needs and wishes. You will receive a nutrition plan, including lots of practical tips, that is bespoke to you and ‘your’ nutrition.

I provide personalised nutrition support and guidance, based solely on your current health needs, dietary requirements, and the goals you want to set yourself. I believe that a good diet should be supported by physical activity, relaxation and rest, so your lifestyle habits will also be considered during the consultation process.

YOU are central to YOUR success and my role is to provide expert, evidence based guidance that will support you to make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes appropriate to you.


I approached Lindsey as I needed to lose weight and I was in the right mindset. I have tried many diets and was aware of what I should be eating but needed to retrain my brain. Lindsey listened to my concerns and my expectations for my goals.

I enrolled in a 12 week course, she helped me understand food, what it does to my body and how to change the way I looked and ate food. After a couple of weeks I had meet my six week goal and was encouraged by my weight loss and measurements. It was easy to follow and I wasn’t craving sugar as I was eating in it’s natural form. I could also see improvements in my energy and wellbeing.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lindsay, she is very knowledgeable, patient and full of dedication to her career.



Training and experience


I studied Nutritional Therapy at the University of Worcester. Previous to that I worked as a University Lecturer in the area of sport, exercise, physical activity and health. In that time, I also gained a Ph.D. Since qualifying as a Nutritional Therapist, my previous knowledge and newly acquired skills complement one another. I advocate the value of being physically active and eating well, and how this contributes to health and well-being overall.

I am trained in Motivational Interviewing, which dovetails with Nutritional Therapy, because understanding the behavioural aspects of nutrition is fundamental to how people modify and change long term eating habits.

I am fortunate to have continued work as a Guest Lecturer, and now teach and supervise clinical practice on the MSc Nutritional Therapy at the Worcester of University.




Continuing Professional Development


As a dedicated Nutritional Therapist, I regularly update my knowledge to ensure my practice is informed by the most recent evidence based research.

Here are just a few of the many courses, seminars and webinars I have attended:

  • Mitochondrial Support for Health and Vitality, One day seminar by Lamberts Healthcare (Birmingham, UK)
  • Exploring Obesity from different aspects of Health, One day conference (BANT Midlands Region, UK)
  • Female Hormones, One day seminar by Lamberts Healthcare (Bristol, UK and Cheltenham, UK)
  • Nutritional Support for Sleep, One day seminar by Lamberts (Birmingham, UK)
  • Pain and Inflammation (ICHAN webinar)
  • Autoimmune Conditions, One day seminar by Lamberts Healthcare (Birmingham, UK)
  • Navigating the Methylation Maze (Biocare Webinar)
  • The Inflammatory Response (Invivo Labs Webinar)
  • Preconception Nourishment, detoxification and the importance of perinatal microbiota health (Invivo Labs, Webinar)



After we met I made some instant changes and I’m really pleased with the result..

…I can’t thank you enough for the advice and the small yet simple and effective change.


My nutrition story


My interest in nutrition was triggered by my own health problems which came to a head many years ago. I was a busy, working Mum of two young children and wife (to an even busier husband) with a fairly stressful job, commuting for over an hour per working day. As well as this I am asthmatic and have various allergies, which means my immune system is slightly compromised. I was rarely free from chest infections, endured regular bouts of reflux and indigestion, and hit an all-time low when I was hospitalised with double pneumonia. A good friend of mine recommended I read a book called ‘The Immune System Recovery Plan’ by Susan Blum (a MD from the USA who practices in functional medicine). The book provided an insight into how poor nutritional choices can negatively affect your health, and how certain foods can exacerbate tiredness, inflammation, hormonal imbalance, lethargy, low mood and stress, to name just a few! Long story short, I tried some food eliminations, and listened to my body and started to identify foods that didn’t make me feel good.

Today my approach to my own nutrition is simple – I nourish my body through eating a wide range of good food. Now I can share this with you! Studying nutrition has enabled me to appreciate how good food can benefit health if you know how to make the right choices, and crucially know what foods, and balance of foods, work best for you.


Lindsey Fellows (Ph.D, MSc, PG Dip, BA Hons)
Nutritional Therapist – mBANT/CNHC registered