So where do you start?




I offer a free 15-minute telephone consultation, where we will discuss your reasons for seeking support and your current health status.  I will be interested in knowing your reasons for wanting to make dietary changes, as well as your motivation to make the changes.


Initial consultation:


(in person £75/£95, 75 mins.)

(this price includes the time of the consultation, as well as time taken to analyse the food diary and information gathered to support your case).

This is where we get to the details of your case, and follow a thorough process of gathering information, in order to get to the crux of your current health concerns and/or preparing you to work towards your goals. I will send you a brief questionnaire to complete before I meet you. Depending on your goals, I may take anthropometric measures at this stage, e.g. height, weight, waist and hip measures. Your goals will be set by you, with my support and guidance. You will also be asked to complete a food diary prior to attending and I will have conducted the analysis by the time we meet. So at this stage, I will be able to share the results with you and identify any nutritional inadequacies. At the end of this consultation, we will negotiate a set of recommendations, that form the beginnings of your Personalised Nutrition Plan, for you to follow over the next month or so.


Follow up consultation:


(in person £55, 50 mins. This price reflects the time of the consultation, and the time taken to research and develop your personalised Nutritional Therapy plan):

Between these two appointments, I will have spent time analysing your case. This involves me exploring your health history and your family health history alongside any current health concerns, or it may involve examining how aspects of your lifestyle may be affecting your health. If you are taking medication or have a health condition, I will be examining all the recent evidence that will inform any changes I recommend.  By the time we meet, I will have further recommendations for your Personalised Nutrition Plan, which will support you in reaching your goals. The plan will be accompanied by practical tips, dietary and lifestyle advice, educational leaflets, and where relevant recipes for you to try.

*You will receive a 10% discount, paying £110 as opposed to £125, if you pay for initial (1) and follow up (2) at the first consultation. Payment must be received in full at the Initial Consultation.

**further discounts are available for Pf2 members, students, and senior citizens.


Maintenance consultation:


(Telephone/Skype £33: 30 mins):

We will either meet in person or talk on the phone to review your progress, and this is a time for you to ask further questions. This will also be a time to share your experiences of the dietary changes you have made, or notable changes from taking a supplement (if this is something that has been recommended).

In general, I recommend that you see me at least twice (Initial and Follow up). Maintenance consultations, and the amount you need, will be negotiated based on your goals and your progress.


I also offer Weight loss and Corporate packages:

Individual and group weight loss packages (a course of 12 weeks), tailored for specific needs. With the group package, prices will be negotiated according to the number of people.

Corporate packages, tailored to specific needs and prices negotiated according to the number of people. Please contact me for further details.


For a full list of the packages I offer please download the price list here.