“I had been struggling to lose weight for the last year. I have an intense exercise plan but my weight had plateaued after an initial 3 stone drop. Nutrition has always been in the front of my mind but with all the information you can get hold of, I found it was hard to process the information and know what is right for my own lifestyle.

I had two consultations with about a 5 week break between, in that time I have lost nearly half a stone and inches off my waist and hips. Simple tweaks to my diet have made a huge change to my life. Not only have I lost weight, I am improving in my exercise and being more organised with food has given me back a lot of my evening. I found Dr Fellows, informative, approachable, very invested in what she does and can’t recommend her more. She has introduced me to new foods I hadn’t even thought about and given me a greater understanding of nutrition.”




“I decided to start Lindsey’s 12 week weight loss programme as I wanted to lose weight before I got married. From the start Lindsey’s professional and friendly manner made me feel at ease. Lindsey helped me learn more about my diet and how to achieve a healthy weight and maintain it in the future. I found the one-to-one support really beneficial as it allowed advice to be tailored to my needs and helped me reach my target of losing a stone.”




“I have been really inspired by Lindsey and have learnt so much from our meetings. As someone with a good basic knowledge of nutrition, I was amazed at how simple changes have really had such a positive effect on me and my health!”



“I approached Lindsey as I needed to lose weight and I was in the right mind-set. I have tried many diets and was aware of what I should be eating but needed to retrain my brain.

Lindsey listened to my concerns and my expectations for my goals.

I enrolled in a 12week course, she helped me understand food, what it does to my body and how to change the way I looked and ate food.

After a couple of weeks I had meet my six week goal and was encouraged by my weight loss and measurements. It was easy to follow and I wasn’t craving sugar as I was eating in it’s natural form. I could also see improvements in my
energy and wellbeing.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lindsay, she is very knowledgeable, patient and full of dedication to her career.”



“After we met I made some instant changes and I’m really pleased with the result.
I can’t thank you enough for the advice and the small yet simple and effective changes.”